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There is nothing quite like the little surprises in life. For example, when completely ordinary everyday objects reveal that they are actually exquisitely crafted ‘objets d’art’. And why wouldn’t your cup of morning coffee, as you sip away the weariness,… More …

Truth in Branding. At last.

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No Choice.

Does your work have to do with design, do you own an iPad and are you interested in the world around you? Goodie. Then stop by the iTunes Store today and take a close look at Al Gore’s “Our Choice”… More …

PIG 05049: Pork Liquorice

If that headline sounds weird to you: welcome to the club. The club of ‘I-know-nothing-and-live-under-a-rock’. No worries though, I founded that club long before you were born. This morning, while holding on to my first cup of coffee and ever… More …

Sculpt This!

Brazilian born Dalton Ghetti creates some of the tiniest artwork many of us have ever seen. Without a magnifying glass, he uses mostly razors and needles to create his pencil-tip artwork. After having grown up in Brazil he now makes… More …

Sharpie Liquid Pencil? No Yuo!

Don’t get caught dead with this one. Anyone writing with an instrument this ugly who isn’t either a) getting paid ungodly amounts of money to do so, or b) being threatened with physical violence, needs to have her/his head examined…. More …

The new shiny, it’s here!

Following an agonizing (?) 10-day wait Steve finally sent the long-awaited: “Alright, you’ve suffered long enough – stop by my store this morning and pick up your bowl of Mulligatawny new shiny.” email. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Deep… More …

Yo Android, stencil yer heart out!

I already own the iPhone version, the iPad stencil’s on the way and here come the uistencils.com folks and put their newly released Android version up for sale. Click the image above to visit uistencils.com If your particular way of… More …

Posters by Emil Ruder

Spending a minute marveling over this collection of stunning Emil Ruder posters is mandatory (via @BuroDestruct).

iOS wallpaper

Click the image above to download the full-size PNG file Not my own creation, but one of the coolest iPhone/iPad wallpapers nonetheless. Now if I could only remember where I got it from.

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