PIG 05049: Pork Liquorice

If that headline sounds weird to you: welcome to the club. The club of ‘I-know-nothing-and-live-under-a-rock’. No worries though, I founded that club long before you were born.

This morning, while holding on to my first cup of coffee and ever so slowly regaining consciousness, I learn about this book by Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma — PIG 05049 — that was first published in 2007 (yes, three years ago; see ‘rock’ above).


Weird Fiction

Is how the author — China Miéville — classifies his work, and especially for this book, The City & the City, I would consider that categorization wonderfully accurate.

Not wanting to waste anyone’s time, let’s start with the conclusion: If you have even the most passing of interests in fiction that dares to veer off the beaten path, you must check out this book.