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Virginia Currents #002

Another one of the aforementioned Virginia gems — Caffespresso, one of the handful of places in and around Richmond where you can find an authentic Italian experience. Coffee that deserves the name (?), delicious paninis, mouth-watering sweets and gelato. A… More …

Virginia Currents #001

In regards to ‘Miles driven vs. Points of interest worth stopping at’ no one can really say that Virginia can keep pace with the cultural epicenters of the world like Italy or Greece, for example. There are however quite a… More …

Heat index 106F…

Heat index is 106F and the upstairs A/C just kicked the bucket. On to moving the office downstairs until the repair guy was here.Me. Today. Here.

Merciless summer

Hiding from the merciless sun in the shade of an abandoned grocery store. Good thing I brought my own water, the store in the middle of nowhere must have been closed for decades.

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