There is nothing quite like the little surprises in life. For example, when completely ordinary everyday objects reveal that they are actually exquisitely crafted ‘objets d’art’. And why wouldn’t your cup of morning coffee, as you sip away the weariness, gradually reveal an adorable octopus?

Beautiful. By Yumi-Yumi & via Etsy.

Sculpt This!

Brazilian born Dalton Ghetti creates some of the tiniest artwork many of us have ever seen. Without a magnifying glass, he uses mostly razors and needles to create his pencil-tip artwork. After having grown up in Brazil he now makes his living as a carpenter in Bridgeport, CT and carves pencils in his free time.

His work is being shown at the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT until August 29. Do stop by if you happen to be in the area. Via NY Daily News and

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Honey, is this weird?

Why, yes dear, it is completely fucking deranged — albeit in a surprisingly interesting and morbidly creative way.

What you see pictured above is the latest achievement in packaging design. The fine folks over at the ‘BrewDog Brewery” have apparently decided their latest creation “The End of History” was deserving of a very special packaging and have hired a taxidermist (?).

And yes, there will be another, even more disturbing photo after the break.


iOS wallpaper

Click the image above to download the full-size PNG file

Not my own creation, but one of the coolest iPhone/iPad wallpapers nonetheless. Now if I could only remember where I got it from.