Why, yes dear, it is completely fucking deranged — albeit in a surprisingly interesting and morbidly creative way.

What you see pictured above is the latest achievement in packaging design. The fine folks over at the ‘BrewDog Brewery” have apparently decided their latest creation “The End of History” was deserving of a very special packaging and have hired a taxidermist (?).

And yes, there will be another, even more disturbing photo after the break.

Listen, if I knew a good joke about the Scottish I would tell you right here and now. Problem is, the only (contemporary) Scottish lad I can think of off the top of me ole’ head is Craig Ferguson. And he not only fled his country of origin, he also talks to fake robots on a nightly basis. So that one’s out.

Back to the issue at hand — what BrewDog have done – in essence – is have a guy (?) take their beer bottles and shove ‘em down the throat of a squirrel that’s been carefully stuffed and preserved. Like so …

Is it wrong of me to wonder about the sensation of grabbing one of these “bottles” and taking an opener to it? Moreover, do you refrigerate them before you drink the beer? And if so, will the squirrel’s fur start to smell once it’s gotten wet from the refrigerator’s condensation? Won’t that exert an unduly influence upon the beer’s bouquet?

If you have seen something weirder this week — by all means, do keep it to yourself. Please. I beg of you.

(Via the visually impeccable Creative Review Blog)