Free iOS app of the week

This week Apple has selected Back to Bed as its free app of the week. Normally ringing up at $3.99, the 3D puzzler looks and feels a bit like last year’s smash hit Monument Valley and features beautiful Escher’esque imagery. Although according to quite a few iTunes store reviews gameplay is a bit of a mixed bag. For free however, why not take a look for yourself? (iTunes link)

Thank you. And Godspeed.

Tonight, Apple publishes news of Steve Jobs passing away.

A visionary and creative genius, indeed. I never had the chance to meet the man, and yet I literally would not be where I am today, were it not for his vision and that lonely little SE/30 I stumbled across while working a crappy side job right out of high school.


No Choice

Does your work have to do with design, do you own an iPad and are you interested in the world around you? Goodie. Then stop by the iTunes Store today and take a close look at Al Gore’s “Our Choice(< iTunes link). Or browse on over to the PushPopPress’ website to see the UI in action.

Screenshot nicked from the trailer

Regardless of your political convictions, the app’s user interface alone is worth the $4.99 admission price. Finally someone who put some love into creating an iPad-appropriate experience. Brilliant work!

Torn between Digital & Analog Desires

At times, otherwise beloved digital helpers à la iCal, Things, etc. get on my every last nerve — they never sync exactly the way I need them to, there’s always some feature missing that I could really use at the time, and they tie me to the computer even more closely.

On most days, I take comfort in the fact that these tools do 97.5% of what I need them to, and that things could be much worse. Someone might force me to use Microsoft’s Outlook, or worse, Google calendars. The mere thought is sufficient to make my eyes bleed and ogle the Apple logo on the back of my laptop for reassurance.


iTunes Store. Repaired. Single-handedly. By me.

Due to the gravity of the situation this one warrants its own post. Thanks in no small measure to my best friend ‘Sheer, Dumb Luck’, I stumbled across a solution for my problem last night.

And somehow I suspect this solution might just be general enough in nature that it might help other folks affected by this or similar issues as well. Here’s a brief summary of the problem:

Single or multiple devices running OS X or iOS are no longer able to purchase (or download for free) items (apps, music, etc.) from Apple’s iTunes Store. Before being able to complete any transaction, the respective user is always asked to verify his credit card information (usually a missing security code) only to get stuck in an endless loop somewhere along this dialog. More detail available in this post.


Why does the iTunes Store hate my iPhone 4?

Keen readers (?) may recall that I received my new shiny, ‘iPhone 4, the Second’ late last week and in reply to my own, previously asked question — yes, it was all worth it.

With a singular exception: I can not use iPhone 4 to download anything from the built-in App Store. I can neither update applications copied onto the phone from my computer nor can I download new (free or paid) applications from the App Store.

There it sits, acting as if butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth


The new shiny, it’s here!

Following an agonizing (?) 10-day wait Steve finally sent the long-awaited:

“Alright, you’ve suffered long enough – stop by my store this morning and pick up your bowl of Mulligatawny new shiny.”

email. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Deep down I knew he wasn’t going to make me wait for two whole years. The big softie.

The new and the old shiny wrestled; guess who won?

Everything went as usual — store overcrowded, staff super-friendly, and once being helped everything was smooth sailing.


On quitting twitter

You know it’s time to delete your Twitter account and run for the hills (?) when people (?) who used to have interesting things to say start selling air travel. It’s like having a bunch of QVC presenters right there on your desktop. Or — in short — the end of civilization as we know it.

Yo Android, stencil yer heart out!

I already own the iPhone version, the iPad stencil’s on the way and here come the folks and put their newly released Android version up for sale.

Click the image above to visit

If your particular way of earning a living has anything at all to do with information architecture or user interface design, you owe it to yourself to investigate these fabulous products in more detail.


No soup for you!

Dear Steve, I know I sent my first iPhone 4 back but I swears that one didn’t work right. Can I have a new one? Please? When is “soon”, anyway?

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