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On quitting twitter

You know it’s time to delete your Twitter account and run for the hills (?) when people (?) who used to have interesting things to say start selling air travel. It’s like having a bunch of QVC presenters right there… More …

Yo Android, stencil yer heart out!

I already own the iPhone version, the iPad stencil’s on the way and here come the uistencils.com folks and put their newly released Android version up for sale. Click the image above to visit uistencils.com If your particular way of… More …

No soup for you!

Dear Steve, I know I sent my first iPhone 4 back but I swears that one didn’t work right. Can I have a new one? Please? When is “soon”, anyway?

iOS wallpaper

Click the image above to download the full-size PNG file Not my own creation, but one of the coolest iPhone/iPad wallpapers nonetheless. Now if I could only remember where I got it from.

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