There is nothing quite like the little surprises in life. For example, when completely ordinary everyday objects reveal that they are actually exquisitely crafted ‘objets d’art’. And why wouldn’t your cup of morning coffee, as you sip away the weariness, gradually reveal an adorable octopus?

Beautiful. By Yumi-Yumi & via Etsy.

Thank you. And Godspeed.

Tonight, Apple publishes news of Steve Jobs passing away.

A visionary and creative genius, indeed. I never had the chance to meet the man, and yet I literally would not be where I am today, were it not for his vision and that lonely little SE/30 I stumbled across while working a crappy side job right out of high school.


Torn between Digital & Analog Desires

At times, otherwise beloved digital helpers à la iCal, Things, etc. get on my every last nerve — they never sync exactly the way I need them to, there’s always some feature missing that I could really use at the time, and they tie me to the computer even more closely.

On most days, I take comfort in the fact that these tools do 97.5% of what I need them to, and that things could be much worse. Someone might force me to use Microsoft’s Outlook, or worse, Google calendars. The mere thought is sufficient to make my eyes bleed and ogle the Apple logo on the back of my laptop for reassurance.


Virginia Currents #001

In regards to ‘Miles driven vs. Points of interest worth stopping at’ no one can really say that Virginia can keep pace with the cultural epicenters of the world like Italy or Greece, for example.

There are however quite a few true gems to be found in Virginia, and pictured above you see one of them. Barboursville Vineyards in Barboursville, VA (?) (located roughly 10 miles northeast of Charlottesville) is one of those exceptions from the general drabness that tends to blanket Virginia. And what an exception it is at that.


Sculpt This!

Brazilian born Dalton Ghetti creates some of the tiniest artwork many of us have ever seen. Without a magnifying glass, he uses mostly razors and needles to create his pencil-tip artwork. After having grown up in Brazil he now makes his living as a carpenter in Bridgeport, CT and carves pencils in his free time.

His work is being shown at the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT until August 29. Do stop by if you happen to be in the area. Via NY Daily News and

And yes, there are a lot more pictures after the break!


Honey, is this weird?

Why, yes dear, it is completely fucking deranged — albeit in a surprisingly interesting and morbidly creative way.

What you see pictured above is the latest achievement in packaging design. The fine folks over at the ‘BrewDog Brewery” have apparently decided their latest creation “The End of History” was deserving of a very special packaging and have hired a taxidermist (?).

And yes, there will be another, even more disturbing photo after the break.


Twelve movies, three bucks

Seriously, how can you go wrong? This has got to be the deal of the week!

Three Dollars buys a triple pack with 6 DVDs, containing twelve movies. There will most likely be a few stinkers among them, but a cursory investigation on IMDB indicates that a couple of gems made their way into this collection as well. I shall report back once I’ve had the pleasure to watch this eclectic collection!

Going green is boring!

Who said that? Step up and forward, please, I am taking you for a ride. Who ever thought that growing a bit of an environmental conscience meant you had to be bored rigid while moving about?

My 1584cm³ moped, a 2008 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

For about half the upfront cost my gas mileage is nearly identical to that of a Toyota Prius, my insurance is cheaper, I can park anywhere and the fun I am having while undertaking even the most benign of journeys is increased by an order of magnitude that rapidly approaches “∞”. What’s not to like?


Putting our money where our mouth is. Literally.

After having watched Food, Inc. a little while back we decided to mend our ways: spend a bit more on our meats and, at the same time, cut back a little on our overall meat consumption. At the moment we are just a few bucks shy of the hoped-for zero sum game, which is perfectly fine by us.

It isn’t the easiest movie to stomach, watch it anyway!

The movie made quite the impression on us and, following a bit of online research (?), we were quite surprised to discover that the farm featured in the movie as one of the positive examples in modern agriculture is just around the corner (alright, a bit of a “large” corner, but close enough) from where we live.